SMS Marketing

Take your business to the  next level with SMS Marketing, which everyone is calling the next big thing. These days, we are all on our cell phones – a lot of people even go online, on their phones. So what better way is there to instantly reach your customers, than through a text message? It is time to make text messages pay you, for a change. Storm Web Enterprises will walk you through and manage your SMS Marketing campaign, whether you have 100 customers or 10,000. We will place a widget on your website and/or Facebook page, promoting your VIP Text Club(people love to feel important), cell phone numbers are collected and only members of your VIP Text Club receive your special offers. Whether it is once or twice a week or every fortnight, we will handle your mass SMS Marketing campaign.

SMS text marketing by Storm Web Enterprises

These days, a lot of people check their text messages before they check their email, so it is no surprise that SMS Marketing is exploding. Storm Web Enterprises has an affordable monthly plan that will enable you to grow your business. In this economy, you need to attack your marketing campaign from all angles and we are here to help. We handle your marketing, so you can get on with the business of providing your services. You will see immediate results with SMS Marketing – restaurants, spas, sports bars, clothing stores, nightclubs and more are already cashing in on the texting frenzy. At the moment, we only offer SMS Marketing services to clients in the USA, but we are working on expanding our services. Contact Storm Web Enterprises today and set up your SMS Marketing campaign.