Storm Web Enterprises will assist you in reaching your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) goals. Whether you require a one time assessment and tune up, or your are looking to partner with us for on-going SEO support, we will work out a customized plan to get you where you want to be. What use is having a site or blog if no one knows it exists? You have invested your time and money, purchased a great domain name, paid for a good design, but your site is on the 50th page for your targeted keyword – that’s as good as not having a site at all. In order to benefit from search engine aka Google traffic, your aim should be to be ranked on the first 2 pages. Of course, the first page is where we all want to be. We will work with you, come up with a realistic SEO plan, through keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization and social networking strategies.

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Don’t be fooled by some sharks out there, who promise to get EVERYONE a number one spot on Google by the end of the week. Whilst it is possible to get a spot on page one or page two, nobody can really(honestly) make that promise for all niches. Some keywords are just so competitive, that the time would be better spent targeting other keywords, while working on a long-term goal for the more general, competitive keyword. The key is to get productive, targeted traffic from the search engines(Google in particular) by implementing proven long-term SEO techniques. There is no point using dubious methods to get you to the first page by next week, only for you to fall back to the 20th page in 3 weeks time. Building the authority of your site and offering quality content should be your long-term goal. We can help you reach that goal.

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A large percentage of our SEO techniques focus around using WordPress as a CMS and/or blogging platform, but we also welcome clients with static sites and other platforms. WordPress is our CMS of choice, because not only has been far much more SEO development done centered around WordPress, but we have also found that it is much easier for clients to manage their own sites. More information is available about our WordPress optimization services and how WordPress can and does play a vital role in the world of SEO.

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