Custom Facebook Page Hosting

In order for your Facebook Custom Page to be seen, it has to be hosted somewhere. Facebook does not host custom pages, they only host the regular features like the Wall, Photos etc. Some clients prefer to manage their own hosting, while others prefer to let Storm Web Enterprises host their Facebook Pages.

If you choose to host your own Facebook Page(s), you will need to set up a hosting account and we prefer Hostgator, because we know their Cpanel inside out and have a good working relationship with them. We recommend getting the business plan, because it comes with a FREE private SSL. Facebook has new rules which require custom pages to have SSL certificates(to keep things more secure).

Storm Web Enterprises can also host your pages for you and your page(s) will use our SSL. We offer very affordable hosting for Facebook pages, at $5.00/month. Hosting fees are payable biannually or annually. We handle everything – the design of your Facebook page, hosting, SSL, the works. Please select either option below if you would like us to host your Facebook page

Facebook Page Hosting Duration