Storm Web Enterprises offers consultancy services to individuals and companies. You tell us what your needs are and we will come up with a customized package just for you. Consultancy services are available for general internet marketing, Facebook, WordPress, YouTube, SEO, monetizing your site or blog, maximizing your presence on social networks, Backlinks 101, affiliate marketing, setting up an affiliate program and much more.

internet marketing consultancy by Storm Web Enterprises

Consultancy services are available in person, at your place of business(in the New York City area), or the more common options of telephone and Skype consultations are available to all clients, regardless of location. Skype consultations will be recorded(audio) and made available to the client, so that you can refer to the session whenever you need to. From September 2011, we will be offering business consultancy and training services throughout the USA, at the clients expense, of course.

Whether you have an established online presence, which you are looking to expand, or you are just entering the online arena, feel free to contacts us to discuss your needs and goals. All clients get an initial free 10 minute phone consultation to make sure we are right for you and we are all on the same page. Consultancy services with Maino start at $80 per hour. Discounts are available for new or about to be published authors, teachers and non-profit HIV/AIDS and Cancer service  organizations.