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Facebook Timeline Pages are here to stay. Like it or not, come March 31st, Facebook pages, as we have come to know them will be gone forever. No more default landing tabs and the Wall. Enter the new wider timeline format, cover photos, profile pics and custom tabs, which look more like regular sites. Like most of you, initially, I was not very exited about the arrival of Facebook Timeline Pages. Here we go again, more changes, more rules to learn and more work transitioning clients to the new timeline pages. The more I played around with it, the more I grew to like it and now I actually love the new Facebook Timeline Pages.

This blog post was geared towards clients of Storm Web Enterprises, especially those who have existing pages. However, I decided to give as much relevant information as possible and include a video guide to the new Facebook Timeline Pages. So, I'll try and keep the writing as brief as possible, because the video pretty much sums it all up.

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Facebook Timeline Pros

  • Wider 810px format for custom tabs/pages. Wider format means more space for your content. We can now truly create custom Facebook Timeline Pages, which have the look and feel of any other site.
  • Timeline pages now have messages! Yes, Facebook has finally listened - your visitors, fans and potential clients can now send you messages directly from your new Facebook Timeline Page. Definitely a welcome addition, but I still suggest using contact forms, unless you are one of those who live on Facebook 24/7.
  • Pinned Posts: Facebook Timeline Pages come with the ability to pin important posts. Think sticky. A pinned post stay at the top of all other timeline posts and is a great way to send traffic to a particular link or make sure your special offer or product gets noticed. This is great for marketing.
  • Highlighted Posts: Another great marketing tool. The new Facebook Timeline Pages are set up with 2 columns, by default. A highlighted post spans the entire width of the timeline and screams notice me. It is time to get creative with all these new tools.
  • Better for Branding: Facebook Timeline Pages not only look better, they are great for branding. You have the big cover photo with a width of 851px and the profile pic, which overlays the cover photo. The profile pic should be used for your logo and will appear on the newsfeeds of all those who have liked your page, as well as on your own timeline.

Facebook Timeline Cons

  • No more default landing tabs. The feature to select a default landing tab no longer exists. A lot of noise has been made about this, but I doubt Facebook will back down. Personally, I don't think it is that big an issue. It is just about being creative - instead of sending traffic (from your site, for instance) directly to your Facebook page URL, send traffic directly to the custom tab URL. We have other ideas for clients.
  • No more Fan Gates: There is some confusion about this. Technically speaking, Fan Gates (used to get people to like your page, before the rest of the content is revealed) still exist and can be used. The confusion has come about because of the inability to select a default landing tab(explained above). Again, traffic can always be sent directly to the fan gate.
  • No more tabs/apps on the left: Yes, some people find this annoying, just because we were all used to having tabs on the left. I think having the tabs below the cover photo is a good thing. Plus, there are now tab images, which will draw more attention to the tabs/apps.
  • No URLs or CTA (call to action) on Cover Photos. The new Facebook Timeline rules don't allow soliciting for likes or URLs on cover photos. Addresses or words like "special offer", "only $9.99" etc are to be avoided as well. Somewhat annoying, but this is where creativity comes in, once again. I think the ability to have a clickable link right below the Cover Photo, in the About section is much more effective than a watermarked image.

Video Not Playing On Your Device? Please Try This One

The video above should have answered most of your questions. If you still have unanswered questions, feel free to ask. So, although it is a bit of pain for us all to have to change over to the new Facebook Timeline Pages, we can make it work and should embrace the change. Storm Web Enterprises is offering existing clients with custom Facebook pages, developed by us 15% off the price of a new Custom Facebook Timeline Package.

The $297.00 Custom Facebook Timeline Package includes the following:

  • Cover Photo Design
  • Tab Images/Icons
  • Custom Tab/Page with up to 3 pages
  • Additional single pages at $30.00 each

For existing clients with pages developed by us, this works out to $252.45. There are other options available like Cover Photo Design only for $99.00. As always, we welcome custom jobs, so if you need something specific, please contact us.

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